1)  What is the name of the Plan?

The name of the Plan is the 1Life Retirees Voluntary Benefits Trust. This trust was established specifically for Organized Labor Active Retirees and Legacy Retirees

2)  Who is the Trustee of the Plan?

Zions First National Bank

3)  Who is the Administrator of the Plan?

Solidarity Health Network, Inc. c/o 1Life Benefits

4)  Is my union paying for any portion of these benefits?
No, neither your union nor company are paying for any portion of the plan, however, they negotiated a group rate for your benefit. There is a separate Administrator, Trustee, and Trust to manage the plan for the benefit of all retirees.
5)  When can I enroll?
You can complete and send your enrollment any time before June 25th, 2018 for a June 1st effective date. Enrollment is rolling, meaning you can submit your application any time before the 25th of a month for an effective date of the first of the following month. Retirees and eligible spouses who enroll after June 1st, would be enrolled on the first day of the following month after their enrollment application is received.
6)  What if I don’t want to enroll?  Can my eligible spouse enroll?

Yes, you do not have to enroll for your spouse to enroll. However, for family plans, one eligible retiree must enroll for a dependent child to enroll into the plan.

7) How will I pay my premiums?

Premiums can be paid two ways.
•    Semi-Annually (6 months of premium)
•    Monthly via an automatic bank draft

8) What do I need to do in order to enroll?

•    Complete and sign application and mail prior to June 25th if you wish to be effective for July 1st, 2018.
•    Please remit three months premium with your application.

  • Checks should be made payable to 1Life Benefits.


9) If I take dental now, can I add vision later?

Yes, open enrollment is all year round.  You can simply call and enroll in vision or apply online after you are enrolled in the Dental Plan.

10) I don’t know if my dentist is in the network.  What do I do?

Call customer care toll-free at 866-634-9842.

11) What if I enroll and then I don’t like this plan?
  • No one is required to stay enrolled, however, to protect the plan for all members; if you cancel your plan in the middle of a benefit year:

  • The first time you cancel your plan, you cannot re-enroll for a minimum of 24 months.  

  • If you cancel your plan more than once, you cannot re-enroll into the plan.

12)  Where do I mail my election form?

There is a return envelope enclosed with your packet, however, if you cannot locate that envelope, please mail your election form to:


1 Life Benefits Trust
c/o Solidarity Health Network, Inc.    
4853 Galaxy Parkway Suite K
Cleveland, OH 44128

Questions?  Call 1-866-634-9842