Introducing the first Wellness Program Dedicated to the virtual sense of Hearing!
With hearing loss on the rise (over 40% of full time employees have a diagnosed or suspected hearing problem and adolescent hearing loss has increased by 30% in the past 8 years alone) auditory health and wellness-- including regular hearing check-ups and education to promote healthy hearing and hearing treatment-- is more important than ever before. EPIC’s Listen Hear! Live Well Hearing Wellness program provides employees/members with access to educational resources, and discounts on hearing tests and hearing aids for overall employee/member health and wellbeing. The Hearing Wellness program is the perfect enhancement to any wellness program or benefits package.

1. The Employer or Benefit Provider signs up to offer the Hearing Wellness Program to their employees/members.

2. Employees/members register at and complete 4 fun educational activities:

  1. Watch a video to see what could be missing without healthy hearing
  2. Take a quiz about hearing loss risks
  3. Complete an online hearing screening to identify signs of hearing loss
  4. Learn more about stages of hearing loss and hearing gain technology


3. After completing the activities, the employer/member congratulatory email with reward coupon for redemption of hearing aid purchase through EPIC Hearing and Healthcare.

Premium Technology: Save $200 per device
Advanced Technology: Save $100 per device
Standard Technology: Save $50 per device